What I do

What I Do

Hey there, digital explorers and tech-dabbler extraordinaires! At That Website Dude, we're like the friendly neighborhood web wizards for those who don't speak binary. Wondering what the heck we do? Well, step into our not-so-geeky lair and find out:

1. We Speak Human, Not Geek:

We promise not to drown you in a sea of tech jargon. Think of us as the translators who turn techno-babble into plain English. No Klingon here!

2. Web Magic Made Simple:

We're not pulling rabbits out of hats, but we do make web magic happen. We take your digital dreams and turn them into websites that even your grandma can navigate (no offense, Grandma).

3. User-Friendly Universe:

Your website won't be a labyrinth of confusing buttons and secret passages. We're all about making it as easy to use as a TV remote (without the missing buttons).

4. Mobile-Friendly, Not Mobile-Mystery:

In a world where mobile phones are smarter than most politicians, we ensure your website looks snazzy on every screen. No more squinting or finger acrobatics!

5. SEO: Making Google Your BFF:

We've got the secret sauce to make Google love your website. Your site will be so Google-friendly that it might invite you over for a virtual dinner party (BYO snacks).

6. Pretty Pictures and Fancy Fonts:

Our graphic designers are like modern-day Picassos, crafting visuals that pop and fonts that scream, "I'm fancy, but I'm not trying too hard."

7. Words That Wow:

Our content creators write copy that's engaging, entertaining, and occasionally pun-tastic. Your website's words will sparkle brighter than a disco ball at a '70s dance party.

8. Tech Troubleshooting Heroes:

When tech gremlins strike, we're your friendly neighborhood superheroes. Glitches beware; we're here to save the day (cue heroic music)!

9. E-Commerce Excellence:

We turn ordinary websites into e-commerce wonders. Your online shop will be so simple to use that even your pet goldfish can make a purchase.

10. Support as Friendly as a Golden Retriever:
- Have questions or need help? Our support team is as friendly as a golden retriever at a dog park. We're here with virtual belly rubs and answers!

Ready to dive into the digital world with a web designer who won't make your head spin? Join us at and let's create a website that's so user-friendly, even your great-aunt Ethel can navigate it with ease. It's time to embark on a web-tastic adventure with a side of giggles and simplicity!
Created by a truly great person, under the guidance of an ungodly quantity of caffiene and sleep depravation