Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Welcome to the wacky world of web design, where pixels have personalities, and websites have whims! At That Website Dude, we take your privacy as seriously as a penguin takes tap dancing (seriously, that's some commitment). So, grab your favorite propeller hat, because we're about to dive into our Privacy Policy, where humor meets data protection.

1. Your Data is Your Business:

Your personal data is as precious as a golden ticket to a chocolate factory. We promise not to sell it, trade it, or use it to challenge the reigning hide-and-seek champion of the internet.

2. Information We Collect:

We collect only the information we need to build your dream website. If you're worried about us asking for your favorite pizza topping, relax; we only need the essentials.

3. Cookies:

Yes, we use cookies, but not the chocolate chip kind (although we wish we could). These digital cookies help us improve your website experience, but rest assured, we won't dunk them in your milk.

4. Security:

We've got security measures in place that are tighter than a jar of pickles during a pickle shortage. Your data is safe with us, and we guard it like a dragon guards its treasure.

5. Unicorns:

We may mention unicorns in this policy just to keep things interesting. While we can't promise you a real unicorn, we can promise you real data protection.

6. Data Sharing:

We won't share your data with anyone unless you specifically ask us to share it with the person you're building the website for (you know, like your pet iguana or your Aunt Mildred).

7. Updates to Privacy Policy:

If we ever update this Privacy Policy, we'll let you know with all the pizzazz of a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat. It'll be fun, we promise.

8. Questions? Contact Us:

Have questions about your data, our privacy practices, or just want to chat about your website project? Reach out to us at! We're as friendly as a puppy at a park.

By using our web design services, you agree to this Privacy Policy, which is as transparent as a glass slipper. If you have any concerns or questions, don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to build your dream website and keep your data safe, all while sprinkling a little laughter into the mix. Cheers to web-tastic adventures! 🌐🦄
Created by a truly great person, under the guidance of an ungodly quantity of caffiene and sleep depravation